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/cosmetic (hmccosmetics.cmd.default) - Opens Cosmetics GUI

/cosmetic reload (hmccosmetics.cmd.reload) - Reloads configuration files

/cosmetic apply <ID> <USERNAME> - (hmccosmetics.cmd.unapply) - Add a cosmetic to a player by command

/cosmetic unapply <TYPE> <USERNAME> - (hmccosmetics.cmd.set) - Remove a cosmetic from a player by command

/cosmetic dye <TYPE> <#HEX> - (hmccosmetics.cmd.dye) - Dye a cosmetic. HEX Code is optional, without it, it will open the dye menu.

/cosmetic setwardrobesetting <wardrobe> <setting> - (hmccosmetics.cmd.setwardrobesetting) - Sets wardrobe positions. <setting> can be leavelocation, viewerlocation, wardrobelocation, permission, distance.

/cosmetic wardrobe <wardrobe> - (hmccosmetics.cmd.wardrobe) - Open the wardrobe.

/cosmetic dataclear <USERNAME> - (hmccosmetics.cmd.dataclear) - Clears a player data from your database. Only useful if a player is offline.

/cosmetic menu <MENU> <USERNAME> - ( - Opens a cosmetic menu for a player.

/cosmetic hide <USERNAME> - (hmccosmetics.cmd.hide) - Hides cosmetics on a player.

/cosmetic show <USERNAME> - ( - Reveals cosmetics on a player.


In some of the commands (apply, unapply, dye), you can use the -s flag at the end to run this command silently, which will prevent the message from being sent when ran.