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How do I make my cosmetics dyeable?

Making cosmetics dyeable is relatively simple, but it requires some extra steps in blockbench & your resource pack.

Step 1: Blockbench setup

Start by opening your model in Blockbench. You will need to make sure the tintable part of the cosmetic is using a white or gray color. Next, you need to enable the tint option for each face that will be colorable.

I have created a simple gif to show how you enable this option:

Step 2: Resource Pack Setup

Make sure to use a tintable item (like POTION, LEATHER_HORSE_ARMOR, TIPPED_ARROW, etc) for dyeable items. If you use PAPER, it will not work.

Step 3: HMCCosmetics Setup

Now, simply add this to your cosmetic configuration:

    dyeable: true

, and you're done!

I can't see my cosmetics!

Make sure you haven't accidentally ran /cosmetic hide - you can type /cosmetic show to make cosmetics reappear.

Emotes are not emoting?

Emotes now working can come from a variety of angles, such as forgetting to equip an emote to issues with our library. Be sure to read the error message to get a better understanding of the problem.

NoSuchElementException Error

This can occur when your server is in offline mode and a player attempts to use a emote. See below on how to fix this.

Offline Mode

Emotes do completely work in offline mode due to the library we use. To fix this, install SkinsRestorer so players have skin the plugin can use.

Player Skins / Heads Messed Up

This is because of the shaders file provided in the plugin. Currently, these shaders do not work 1.19.4+ due to changes to Minecraft shaders. In order to fix this, you need to delete the 3 relevant files. It should be in a file location similar to assets/shaders/core/rendertype_entity_translucent (It may vary depending on your resource pack plugin).

Are CosmeticCore / MCCosmetic Configurations Compatible with HMCC?

No, CosmeticCore and MCCosmetic configurations are not compatible with HMCC. You will need to convert them into HMCC format. You can find a converter on the support discord server to help you convert files.

My backpack is in the wrong position / above my head

Some models you purchase may not include translations specifically for cosmetic plugins. Because the backpack isn't actually mounted to your player and rather is connected to an armorstand, you need to translate the model down.

To do this, install Blockbench, and then open your model. At the top right, you should see a "Display" tab. Once there, click on the head slot and then adjust the Y of the backpack to be much lower, usually near your players feet. Rinse and repeat until it is working properly.

You can also check the included cosmetics for a point of reference.

My Cosmetic turned into a real item!

This is because you have entered the creative mode. Creative modes accept anything a client says it has, meaning, when HMCC sends fake items, creative mode turns them into real items. This only affects HATS, CHESTPLATE, LEGGINGS, and BOOTS cosmetics.

You can attempt to fix this by turning cosmetic-settings.destroy-loose-cosmetics to true, which will attempt to destroy these items when they are found.

I equip a balloon and just have a lead

This could be any number of problems. The most common is blocking all entities from spawning, check all your plugins and WorldGuard regions (Balloons are actual entities, the lead and backpacks are all packets which means they can be seen even if a region doesn't allow entities to be spawned).


  • Check console for any stack trace errors.
  • Check plugins for any that could stop spawning of armorstands
  • Check WorldGuard regions
  • If using Model Engine, ensure the model is correct (If it's an invalid model, it'll shoot an invalid model error in the console)
  • If using items, ensure that the item is correctly placed into the resource pack (and that HMCCosmetics is pointing to the direct Custom Model Data)

The issue is fixed on GitHub, but not on my version?

Releases come out periodically when changes are stable enough to be pushed to servers. If there is a fix you want early, dev builds are available for free for all buyers of HMCCosmetics. Just verify your purchase on the Discord and head to the HMCCosmetics channel.