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Addons / Cosmetic Packs


HMCCosmetics-Citizens is an expansion to HMCCosmetics that brings cosmetics to the Citizens plugin! Equip all sorts of cosmetics to your NPCs to sparkle them out! This addon is exclusive to Flora subscribers!

Cosmetics & Models

Hibiscus Creative Studios sells tons of cosmetic packs on, which you can purchase, stylied to fit right in with the default cosmetics!

Other vendors may include HMCCosmetics configuration, however, some only include it for other cosmetic plugins. You can convert CosmeticCore and MCCosmetic configurations in the HCS Discord!

Hibiscus Cosmetic Packs

Hibiscus Cosmetics v1

Hibiscus Cosmetics v2

Hibiscus Cosmetics v3

Hibiscus Cosmetics v4