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/wraps - Open wraps GUI

/wraps reload - Reload HMCWraps

/wraps give wrapper <wrap uuid> [player] [amount] - Give a physical wrap to the player

/wraps give unwrapper [player] [amount] - Give the unwrapper to the player

/wraps wrap <wrap uuid> [player] {actions} - Wrap the item the player is holding

/wraps unwrap <wrap uuid> {actions} - Unwrap the item the player is holding

/wraps preview <wrap uuid> [player] {actions} - Start a preview of the wrap for a user

/wraps convert [confirm] - Start the ItemSkins convert process

/wraps create <file> <wrap uuid> [collection] - Create a new wrap in the specified file from the item you're holding with the specified UUID. Existing files will be appended.

/wraps open <player> - Open the wraps inventory for another player.

/wraps list - List all currently loaded wraps and collections

/wraps help - List all commands

<> - Required

[] - Optional

{actions} - A flag which can be activated by adding -actions to the command and activates the configured actions

Debug Commands

/wraps debug info [-upload] - Shows (and uploads) plugin and server information.

/wraps debug config [-upload] - Shows (and uploads) the plugin configuration.

/wraps debug wraps [-upload] - Shows (and uploads) a list of wraps.

/wraps debug wrap <wrap uuid> [-upload] - Shows (and uploads) a specified wrap.

/wraps debug player [player] [-upload] - Shows (and uploads) information about a player and the item the player is holding.

/wraps debug item [player] [-upload] - Shows (and uploads) information about the item the player is holding.

/wraps debug log [log file name] - Uploads a server log. If no log file is specified, latest.log will be uploaded.

/wraps debug upload <file path> - Uploads the specified file. The root is the HMCWraps folder.