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HMCWraps has no dependencies. The plugin does have optional hooks, which use other plugins, but you do not need anything else installed to use the plugin.

NOTE: If you are still running ProtocolLib 4.x.x or lower, please upgrade to 5.x.x as HMCWraps only works with the latest version. ProtocolLib should still work 100%.

Vanilla Resource Pack

Add the resource pack to your server using


The plugin has native support for ItemsAdder to replace certain items by the ones ItemsAdder provides. The plugin supports putting the key (e.g. itemsadder:tree:apple) in any id field of any item.


Just like ItemsAdder, HMCWraps has native support for Oraxen to replace items with Oraxen items. The plugin supports putting the key (e.g. oraxen:apple) in any id field of y item.

Post Installation

After installing, we recommend modifying the file to your liking using MiniMessage Formatting.

Then, you can read the default configs and start adding your wraps!